Hello Everyone,

It has been a little over 1 year since my last update and I am returning from a long break from Spiritual Self Therapy.

A lot has happened in my life and change is inevitable of us all. We all need to grow and expand; nurture the many facets of ourselves in order to feel balanced and fulfilled. Sometimes that means diving into learning the technical, physical and spiritual fields of massage and bodywork. Sometimes it means taking a big leap and opening a business, investing your money in a new endeavor and going for a goal. I accomplished those things, felt I succeeded and knew it was time to move on.

While each of us lives, we will always have a human need to Contribute. I knew that keeping my website, Spiritual Self Therapy was going to have another purpose because I am always seeking to improve myself.  Learning about New Thought and continuing to learn about the power of our minds and goals of also my physical self-care has left me not wanting to look back at the world like I used to. I can not bury my books on the Law of Attraction, and more recently picked up books by Neville Goddard and The Power of Your Subconcious Mind by Joseph Murphy. I can not pretend to be done with the topic of New Thought, meditation, etc. and simply say it doesn’t exist.

I have decided to turn the content of my website/Blog into the honest Reviews and Shared Experiences I am having, as a Blog is meant to be.

More to come…


— Hazel




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Sabbatical until further notice


Hello All,

I want to inform my established and new clients that I am taking some time off for self-care.  For those who follow my updates, read my posts and those who have simply met me, you all know that I am a definite advocate for self love and self care.  I will be taking this time for self reflection and to do some soul searching.  Taking time for yourself is healthy and will help you to be of better service to others, both personally and in the professional world.

I thank you all so much for your business and great loyalty to me.  For your current massage therapeutic needs, I recommend:

Juliana Kramer, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, LMT 

Send her a message julianakramer@gmail.com, or Call 415-672-2036

Please take the best care of yourselves.  This lifetime is precious, so follow your heart wherever it’ll take you.

Hazel Hernandez, LMT

Spiritual Self Therapy- Owner & Founder


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A truth for me… Even if just for the moment


Stumbled upon this moments after feeling very down and depressed.

Taking deep breaths…

I’m human, imperfect. I feel flawed, down and feel pain also.

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Recommended Reading

“I’m such a busy and occupied woman, but Stefan is just filled with great advice, great words of wisdom and even when I take a small piece of information in– some times the advice pops into my head out of nowhere and helps me feel supported. During my relaxing get-away to Angel’s Camp, I will be sure to have this to read.”

— Hazel, LMT
Spiritual Self Therapy

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Give Hugs…


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“Through Rest and Play I open my Creative Channel.”


Falling asleep to meditation with intentions of tapping into my creativity. We have clear streaming access to our subconscious the few minutes right before falling fast asleep and the moments right after we awake. What we tell ourselves during those times are crucial to our creative consciousness.

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Important News for 2013

Happily, I have changed my new services to only 90 minute sessions for $115.  I will no longer be offering 1-hour sessions or packages.

I take pride in the quality of my work and only want to offer my clients the best work I can give.  I have found that I can accomplish this with 90-minute sessions, (also the fact that I am notorious for running over time! I just want to give you my all!)

Looking into the future, I have not decided if this is a permanent decision in my services, but as far as I see 2013, this is a positive change for me that feels right for RIGHT NOW.

Thank you to my clients that have allowed me to give my best.

Hazel, LMT

90 Minute Massage Session- $115


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Now Offering Acupuncture

BeingBliss & Spiritual Self Therapy would like to introduce the newest member of our family here at the studio. Juliana Kramer, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist will be joining our team offering private, customized treatments.

Send her a message julianakramer@gmail.com, or Call 415-672-2036 to hear all about her introductory packages-You do not want to miss out! Stay tuned for more information including her bio, rates, and offerings.Image

(photo: http://www.beautyhealthwomen.com/acupuncture-hurt-lets-about)

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My Evening Ritual – How To Go To Sleep Happy And Fulfilled Every Night

Look for the good, and it will always be there.– Stephan Pylarinos

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851988_10151541777239136_1909991627_o  My Andrographis finally arrived! Directions: 6 pills, 2 times daily when feeling an imbalance in your health. I’m definitely taking 6 right now. 3-4 capsules, 2 times daily for health maintainence. Note: stinky pills. But what vitamins aren’t stinky?

Buy it Here!

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